Custom Silicone Molds, Patent Plaques & Prosecution Services


Custom Silicone Molds, Patent Plaques & Prosecution Services

Discover our comprehensive services for custom silicone molds, personalized patent plaques, and expert patent prosecution guidance. We specialize in creating unique silicone molds tailored to your specifications. Our custom patent plaques celebrate your innovative achievements with distinction. Additionally, we provide professional support throughout the patent prosecution process, ensuring your intellectual property is well-protected and recognized. Explore our versatile offerings for all your custom silicone and patent needs. Contact us today for a seamless and personalized experience.

Learn about the differences between utility patent and design patent, and explore comprehensive patent and graphic design services here. Our expert team provides top-notch intellectual property solutions, helping you protect and enhance your innovative creations.

Not only design patent products, the designers were also assist clients to solve the product design problem and increase the functionality of the products. The out appearances,  quality and performance of the products are what they valued the most. Don't hesitate if you have any ODM project, let Coolnice designing team work with you!