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Ice cube roller

Solve your skin problem

●Tighten the skin
●Relieves sensitive skin
●Tighten and shrink pores
●Eliminate eye puffiness
●Reduce inflammation
●Cureacne breakthrough
●Brighten skin tone
●Promote blood circulation
●Suitable for all skin types



After cleansing your face, run your Ice Roller Cube under water to  defrost slightly a few minutes and then put it out How many times can use Faical Ice Roller Cube? Suggest using the Faical Ice Roller Cube each morning for an instant wake-me-up for tired skin, improving blood circulation, giving your face a healthy glow. Should wash the face after I use different recipes? Yes, we encourage experimenting with different ingredients to see which best suits you. After icing your face, rinse with cold water and follow up with your moisturising routine.


Freeze green tea for inflammation, lemon water for brightening, coconut milk for anti-aging and cucumber water for de-puffing.

Sliding on clean skin in the morning can instantly wake up the skin, or use it on the essence and mask to quickly absorb the skin. It can also instantly calm the skin condition when the skin is sensitive and swollen.

Ice cube roller

Ice cube roller

Ice cube roller