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Dongguan Luxing Silicone Products Co., Ltd.

Aug. 07, 2019


Dongguan Luxing Silicone Products Co., Ltd. founded in 2001, is one of the leading manufacturer of silicone products in China. Our factory is located in Lijiafang Industry Area, Shipai Town in Dongguan City. We have owned 13000 square meters workshop and more than 450 workers.

Our main advantages are from advanced and highly- precised equipment including 3 sets of advanced C N C, 3 sets of E D M (electric Discharge Machine), 4 0 sets of Hydraulic forming machines. 75set automatic printing machine.The dust-free workshops are also available to guarantee quality at food degree. We are proud to have a professional and experienced team specializing in management, engineering and spot operations.

Backed by very strong capability in researching and design, strict Q C system, as well as first-class customer service, we have got good reputation from customers. Until now we have established stable business with many customers from over 30 countries. Some of them are world famous brands like Sony, Coca- cola, Hello Kitty, Disney, Avon and etc. Moreover, our strong capability in design, moulding and engineering enable us to obtain many O E M and O D M projects. We are confident to become the leader of silicone industry in near future.

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