Body Ice Massage Cube

Product Description

Cold compress can help your body and skin relieves. It is 100% natural. 

Coolnice Ice roller massager has wide range of uses in multiple parts of the body. Use silicone body massager with ice can help your full body relax and soothing.  This ice roller massager provides an instant cooling and calming effect to your body and skin constricting blood vessels and removing swelling, pain, inflammation, irritation and sour. 

Adding water into the contour and wait for frozen to massage your body to relax. When you feel your body need to reduce swelling or calm, apply freely to your body parts. The ice contour massager also has diverse function, suitable for a variety of  scenarios. For example, you may massage your body for sedation and swelling when injured. After work out or running, your muscle or legs  feel aching, you can apply the silicone body ice roller to massage your full body or legs for relaxing and soothing the sour and uncomfortable. The big size ice contour will also helps reducing the pain associated the uncomfortable with laser, waxing and shaving treatments and shorten the recovery time. Use the ice roller massager for body daily to refresh your skin and body. 

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Product parameter

Instruction for use it more appropriately

1. Fill in with water

2. Adding essence as option 

3. Place in the freezer

4. Use it after frozen and run under water for easier release

5. Apply on the body part where needed and avoid direct contact of eye

Product nameSilicone body ice roller
MaterialFood grade silicone + Soft Material
Product size108*98mm
ColorBlue/ Purple/Black/ Pink
Standard PackingOPP bag packing/ box packing/customized
LOGOCustomized LOGO available
Place of OriginGuangdong, China
Application:Body and face, avoid contact of eye 











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