Exfoliating Mitt

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Enjoy Salon style  SPA treatment from home without spending lots of money with  Exfoliating Body Mitt  Silk Bath Glove to deeply exfoliate your skin without harmful chemicals - only with water. 

Deep cleansing your skin by gently apply to your skin to remove dead skin cells, visibly removes surface layers of build up and dead skin instantly,  

Made with 100% Viscose Fiber, can removes dead skin instantly without damaging or irritating your skin, leaving a radiant skin with more clean, smooth and soft by scrubbing away dry skin, and stimulate blood flow, improves circulation, stimulates collagen and fights aging. It also can reduces ingrown hairs, bumps, and clogged pores.  

After using the Eco-Friendly Dead Skin Tan Remover gloves, you can apply moister to your body for more effectively absorption , giving your skin a beautiful, soft glow

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How to get better exfoliating effect and optimal results

1. Soften your skin with water only - Go into the shower, bath or steam for 5-10 minutes to helps open the pores. 

2. No need to apply soaps or lotion to the body and leaving the  Silk Bath Glove For Body a little bit damp and turn off the shower. 

3. Gently upward and downward massage your skin with exfoliating gloves until you see dead skin cells roll away. 

4. Repeat for each section of your body or where needed like kneels or where the dull skin. 

5. Rinse out dead skin and shower as usual. After drying your body,  apply skin care products on to your exfoliating area to get more effectively absorption. 

Product Name Exfoliating Mitt Silk Bath Glove 
Material100% Viscose Fiber  
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